How big of a change do you need to completely turn around your lives for the better? Does it have to be a huge change that changes everything or just a small but crucial step?

Happy new week, everyone. We’re almost at the end of April, which means we’re already 4 months into 2018. Time is moving much faster than anyone of us could expect.

But the truth is, this is nothing to get overwhelmed about. We don’t have to do huge things. A small tiny change is all that’s needed to affect everything else in our lives.

What would we mean by a small change

Has anyone felt that they don’t have enough time in their day to do what they want to do? Maybe after their hectic work hours and travel and coming back home, and then back to sleep, most of us probably don’t get the time to follow that dream we’ve been putting off. That side business which we’ve always wanted to start, that thing which we’ve always wanted to study. We keep putting off that thought indefinitely since we usually don’t get the time for it. I suffer from this too.

But what if, to get more of this lost time back, we decide to do one small thing? Like waking up a little bit early during the day.

How a Small Change can cause a Ripple Effect on Our Lives - The Sum of Life


Even if it’s just a half hour early means a little bit more time in our day that we can spend on something’s that’s not the usual work/eat/sleep. Be it meditation, exercise, planning out our dream side goals, anything. This seems like a small change and only the benefit of a little bit of extra time, but that’s the thing. It IS a small change.

But which has the potential to cause a ripple effect on our lives and change everything around for the better!


How does this change everything else

Anyone who has a habit of going to the gym or exercising would know how even a little bit energizes us and leaves us feeling fresh throughout the day. For someone who doesn’t exercise much, we can use that little bit of time for simple warm up exercises and such, and this would leave us feeling more active throughout the day. Meaning work would be done faster or more efficiently, leaving us more time at the end of the day to do other things which we’ve always wanted to do.

Or use that time to learn a new skill a little bit every day, and at the end of the month, or even the week, we might learn something new that could change our lives or the lives of the people around us.

Or we could use that time to plan out our dream goal whatever it may be and work towards it a little bit at a time.

The small act or change of waking up a little earlier than usual can cause a ripple effect throughout our lives and cause more positive effects on our lives.

How a Small Change can cause a Ripple Effect on Our Lives - The Sum of Life


And the amazing thing is, this is just one example.

Any small change or decision that you take to better your life, pays dividends in the future. They don’t remain as that one change. They pile up as other positive changes and keep going up indefinitely. You can decide to spend a few minutes every day talking with your friends and family. Which seems small but eventually, they’re going to be there for you when you need them.

It’s not going to be easy to undertake whatever change you’ve decided. There would be initial difficulties. But just know, the benefits you get from even the tiniest of positive changes can only add up over time exponentially.


So let’s try this out. Let’s both of us decide to take up one small change. I’m going to try the waking up half hour early, and you can try whatever change you want.


Our life depends solely on us and what we do and how we decide to go about it. It only requires a little bit of determination and hope for the future.


How a Small Change can cause a Ripple Effect on Our Lives - The Sum of Life


If anyone has any experiences and feedback, drop a mail at or leave a comment down below.

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