Another Monday, another start of a new week. That’s usually pretty depressing but it doesn’t have to be!

So we’re close to end of June, or the first half of 2018, and so I thought we could talk about something that I think is pretty useful and is a life-saver for getting stuff done.

We all know this scenario. You know there is something you want/have to do but for some reason or the other, it keeps getting delayed. You’ve got some big assignment to do, but each day something comes up like some other work or a party or what have you, you end up postponing it. Until the last minute where we speed through writing 30 pages in one night. *cough*I’ve been there too*cough*


Push Yourself to Get Stuff Done with this Method - the sum of life


Or forcing yourself to get up in the morning to do some exercise….or something like that. *cough*I haven’t done that*cough*

Push Yourself to Get Stuff Done with this Method - the sum of life

That is seriously a cute koala

And this is pretty common for most things in our lives, really. It’s a curse. But the good thing is, it’s not the end of the world! There are ways to push yourself.


I have a pretty bad habit of not making it to Sunday church on time. Or sometimes missing it altogether. It’s been my status quo for a while now. I knew it wasn’t right, but I…never tried to change it. I came up with some internal excuse every single week to justify this habit, and it happened every single week.


So I tried out a solution for this horrible horrible problem of mine. I reasoned with myself.


Justify your Goals


I tried explaining to myself with all my questions. What do I lose by not doing it? Am I trying to prove anything to anyone? Do i gain anything by it? What will change for me when I do it? Sure, it’s going to be hard now but maybe a few weeks/months (or even years) down the road, will it be worth it? If I do reach it, how is everything going to be different? And if I don’t reach it, will anything change?


Push Yourself to Get Stuff Done with this Method - the sum of life

and you shall receive


Now, every time I feel like not going to church, I consciously know what I’m missing. So I pretty much am inclined to do it because I know what I gain in return.


And the funny part is, these questions might only be a small part of many, many more questions depending on what your goal is. The aim here is trying to come up with an answer for as much of these as you can. You don’t have to discuss this with anyone else if you don’t want to, but this is mainly about having an answer for it so you can justify it. If that goal doesn’t seem important at the end of answering them, then it isn’t really worth following. But if you can get a lot of positive answers for it, you’ll know why you have to do it.

It becomes more than just a vague reason like “Um, I should do it but…” You become motivated because you know exactly what’s at stake and what’s to gain.


And if you know that won’t work, get someone else (someone you trust) to ask you these questions and make you answer them. Be accountable to them.


Try it out every time you feel like postponing something. All we need is a few minutes to work it out between us and our brain, and it all pays out a lot in the end.

It becomes just the push we need.


Push Yourself to Get Stuff Done with this Method - the sum of life

Yeah just like that!…….wait what?



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