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Finding your mission in life

From the number of people following this, quite a few people feel the same as well.

But why do people feel this way?

Have you ever felt like this?

Like there’s nothing to look forward to and all the charm of life is gone?


First things first, you’re not alone. Everyone and I mean everyone will go through what you’re feeling right now at any point in their lives.

It’s how we overcome this that makes us strong.


When you don’t know what to do

I’ve actually felt the same way for many years now. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve been working for about 4 years now and I always felt that this wasn’t right for me.

I knew I had to do something else.

So I looked at other potential interests and hobbies, or anything which could be “job-ready”. I spent a heck lot of time and money to learn new skills.

finding your purpose in life - the sum of life

And I was pretty excited at the start. I was learning something I always wanted to know. Life was going to be great from here on out. I would work in a field that was a huge passion for me.

Things were looking great.


But….beyond the starting excitement, after a while, it didn’t feel like something that would motivate me throughout for the rest of my life. I might enjoy doing it in small doses, but doing it every day of the week and looking at it as a job seemed depressing.

So I faced a cold reality.

Life would eventually start to suck.

finding your purpose in life - the sum of life

What was the Turning Point

I’m a huge fan of The School Of Life YouTube Channel. For those who don’t know, The School of Life is a organisation dedicated to developing emotional intelligence.

And what is emotional intelligence, you ask?

Basically, it’s intelligence but for reading emotions. How well you can tell what you’re feeling, what the person standing next to you is feeling (even if they try to hide it), and having the knowledge to act the best way based on the situation.

The School of Life posts a series of videos on their channel on various topics, and all of them are so darn eye-opening.

So I saw one of their videos a few weeks back, which is about finding your mission/purpose.


This made me realize….life isn’t just about living for ourselves 24×7. Sure, we would feel happy at that moment, but 90% of the time, they won’t last long.

So what do we do?

Find how we can use our skills/talents to help others. That is our true purpose in life.


What Successful Folks have done

All the great innovators we know, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, even Elon Musk, they help other people.

the sum of life - finding your purpose in life

The Personal Computer or the PC is practically built for bringing the technology of computers to the ordinary man. Elon Musk is churning out invention after invention which all change how people live.

the sum of life - finding your purpose in life


Life isn’t just about working day in day out for some corporate organization making the best profits for them.

It’s also not about working in a self-gratifying field where the only one who’s benefiting is just us.

When we start doing things for others and helping others, we start to gain a purpose that’s far bigger. We find our purpose in life.


There’s a video on YouTube on why a guy left his job at Google (links are down below). His passion was to become a stand-up comic. But he’s working at Google anyway.

He starts a video series on helping aspiring engineers crack software developer interviews for companies. The video series becomes a hit. He realizes the potential in this since he’s helping more people in a more direct way than if he’s working as an employee. So he quit his job from frickin’ Google.

There’s a TED video where the speaker told his story on how he had no idea what he wanted out of life. Somehow he ended up as a career counselor. Which, to be honest, was never in his top 50 list of jobs. But eventually he got good at it, and seeing all the joy he brought for students, he would never choose otherwise.


Wouldn’t this always give you something to look forward to in life. Whenever you see how much people are happy because of you, wouldn’t that bring a smile to your face.



Share your experiences and feedback with This’ll really be worthwhile knowing if you guys could take something out of this.

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