In our busy life and hectic schedules, we most likely do not have time to enjoy life with all its minutiae. We meet and forget so many people during this time, we may even be missing out on a lot without even realizing it. And we would never know the true value of it all until far later.

The Sum Of Life is about trying to find that happiness in our lives instead of just being caught up in the blur of daily life and routines. No grand ideas, just to help each and every one of you to be happy and smile through all of life’s difficulties and have a positive outlook on life. You’ll find posts on happiness, change, love, relationships, meaning, simplicity, and more.

My name is Jomy Mathew, a movie, music and nerd culture buff. I live in Kochi, India. This blog is some of my personal experiences and observations of life. This blog was started to try to help people to find joy in their life, no matter how small, but just as important.

However, this blog is not only mine. This is also yours. Your ideas and experiences are much more meaningful and important and will shape how much we can help our friends and family and many other people around the globe suffering from frustrations and depressions. It’s time we work together to make our lives a happier place.

We are all in this together, and we all have something to teach and something to learn. And have fun along the way, of course.

Hope to see you again!

Yours thankfully,

Jomy Mathew


For any questions/feedback, just drop a mail. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

If you have any ideas for post topics that you think should be covered, feel free to share. It might really be useful for many people.