Just listen to this.


Honestly, when was the last time we actually woke up early and heard this (me included)?

Why we face stress

Usually we’re so preoccupied with school, university, work etc etc, we usually go to sleep late and wake up just in time for school, university or work the next day. We only have a few minutes to spare and we rush off for the day. Rinse and repeat for about years on end.

Most of the time, we are so worried about what’s going on around us, or what the future holds, that we become constantly depressed. We grumble and complain incessantly.

We fall into a routine and slowly lose our happiness little by little.

During this hectic routine which takes up a huge chunk of our life, do we ever stop and look at the world around us? Do we ever appreciate the little details around us?

Like that little baby on the bus on the way to work who’s looking at you and smiling.

Or the song you hear playing on some street which is actually one of your favorites.

That joke that your classmate/colleague cracks that leaves everyone in splits.

Even your son or daughter waving their hand at you as they leave for school.


We define happiness as when we reach so and so goal, we become happy. When we get good grades in our exams, we become happy. Getting that promotion we’ve been working for all this time, we become happy. When we get that new car we’ve wanted for all this time, we become happy.

The problem when we define happiness like this, we remain depressed until we actually reach the goal. And when we do reach the goal, we become momentarily happy and then move to the next goal. And the process continues with us being dejected 95% of the time and “happy” 5% of the time.

We’ve to learn to find the little moments of happiness at each step of the way instead of solely focusing on the end goal.

Here are 4 tips to help you learn to enjoy the little things in life.

1) Have some time only to yourself

Make it a point to have some alone time to yourself away from your busy schedule every day. Waking up in the morning is highly recommended for this because most of the world would be asleep then and it would be absolute peace and quiet. But it doesn’t have to be in the morning. Even during your day, when you feel stressed, take a 15-20 minute break.

Use this time to do whatever you want. Catch up on the latest sports scores, have a chat with a friend, look up the latest news, anything goes.

This will do wonders.

2) Look at what’s going around you

Life is always zipping by. By the time we blink our eyes, there can be a million things that just happened around the world in that short time. If we open our mind, we might even be able to see some of that life happening around us.

Try to take a time out from your schedule or on your way to your daily activities to enjoy everything that’s going around you. Listen and keep your senses sharp.

You never know, you might miss something that would truly make you smile.

3) Watch/read a hilarious joke every day

What is life without a few laughs. Every day, go through at least 5-10 jokes, funny anecdotes, comics etc, preferably before leaving for the day.

This is a sure-fire technique that would definitely put you in a good mood.

Not like the person below though.

On that note, any hilarious jokes that you encounter, make it a point to share these jokes to others as well. Spread the joy.

Check the post on 4 ways to find humor in our lives.

4) Do something different each day

Every day, make it a point to do something new. Look up any new restaurants in your area and if possible, visit the place for lunch/dinner. Learn something new, like a new technique or skill or even random facts. Read up at least 1 article on the topic.

You never know, that random fact you read on how underwater plants breathe might actually prove useful one day! Spoiler Alert: Plants that live completely underwater gather carbon dioxide.


Remember, life is too short so try to find joy in the little things that make life, well, worth living.



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