Before we go over why we need humor, check out this story.

A middle-aged man was riding a bike across the country border and carrying a large sack on his back. Naturally he was stopped by the border patrol guard, who demanded he open the sack. He did and it was a sack full of……….sand.

Skeptical, the guard let him go.

Days later, he comes back on a bike carrying another sack. The guard stops him again and demands him to open it, which again is filled with normal sand.

The guard has a feeling the man’s smuggling something, so he goes through the sand and checks it inch by inch if anything’s hidden in there. Turns out it looks like there’s nothing other than sand in the entire sack, so he’s forced to let the man go.

The guy comes back again with another sack. This time, the guard determined to sort this out, takes the sack and sends it to the lab. He personally supervises the analysis of the sand, including chemical tests, looking it under a microscope, every thing possible to human science.

Turns out again, it’s just plain ol’ sand. So the man is once again free to go.

This goes on for a while, with the guard checking the sack every time but  to let him go.

Dejected, he goes to the nearby restaurant for a drink. And would you guess who’s sitting there having a drink, it’s the dude with the sack!

He goes up to the man and begs the dude, “I know you’re smuggling something. Please, just tell me what it is! I won’t tell anyone else. I just have to know!”.

The man just calmly looks at him and says, “Bikes”.



Honestly, I’ve heard this joke a really long time ago but it’s one of the few jokes I remember so clearly. The comedy in this comes from your expectation that it’s going to go one way and ends up being something else entirely.

Which is pretty much the basis of any joke or punch-line. Or even a movie with a plot twist, now that I think about it. (by the way, those who haven’t watched this, check it out. Those who have watched this, shhh, no spoilers!)

What is Humour/Humor? (what is humor but humour without u)

Looking up the meaning of Humor, the first interpretation is, “The quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.”

This is one possible meaning but I like to prefer the second interpretation which is

“A mood or state of mind.”

This right above, is essential to the understanding of why humor is so important in our lives. Without it, we are practically robots going about our lives, with no real joy.

Having the right state of mind on how we view things and experiences is critical, and pretty much directly related, on how fun we find life to be.


Today, we’re going to go over 4 ways on how we can try to bring humor into our daily lives and try to see the world in a different way.

1) Look at the positive side of things

Life has its ups and downs. It’s pretty much expected of all adults out there. There’s no avoiding it or changing it.

BUT, what we can do is change how we view the downs. Instead of looking it as the most horrible event that has ever happened in the history of our lives, try to imagine what was good about it.

How could this potentially be a learning experience for you in the future?

How can we use it to avoid doing the same mistake next time (or tell others about it)?

Like getting over a breakup, now you know what exactly what went wrong the first time and you sure wouldn’t do it the next time!

Source: amazingsuperpowers

2) Come up with a story using random prompts

This is more of a personal challenge than a tip. Whenever you feel depressed or sad, or maybe even just bored, try this out.

Take any few random words (eg, tomato, train, basketball, scientist, sun, air, milkshake) and try to come up with a story connecting these words. The wackier the story, the better.

For example, using the prompts above, I would say

“Freddy the scientist was on his way back home from work on the train gulping down his favorite drink, milkshake. He got back home and the it was a sunny day with the sun shining bright. He thought this was a good time to play basketball. Then he realized the ball was out of air. He then made do with tomatoes in the fridge and tossed it around instead of basketballs.”

Now try to visualize this scenario in detail.

Picture this is a labcoat-wearing scientist, preferably Albert Einstein, trying to slam dunk a tomato.

Now, doesn’t the image of a scientist wearing a lab coat throwing tomatoes in a basketball court seem so weird and random, it makes you smile (don’t throw tomatoes at me).

The benefits of this exercise is two-fold

  • We can’t help but get our mind of our worries due to the sheer absurdity of the stories that we come up with it.
  • It helps us to think creatively

Which brings us to our next point,

3) Be creative

The reason why most of us hate our lives or our jobs or classes or anything like that, is mostly because we always think only one way. We see only way to do things and we keep doing it. Don’t know about you, but there is no other sure fire way to boredom than this.

Come up with new ways to approach a problem or an experience. Think other ways that the same thing can be done. Or in this case, how to view an event going on.

When you see two people talking on the streets, try to imagine what they’re talking about with your own little personal touches to the story. When you see others doing the same thing, make up something completely different.

Be as random as you can. Keep thinking of different possibilities.

4) Try to make others laugh

It’s one thing for us to laugh. But making others laugh? Can there be anything more harder?

Just kidding, it’s actually not that hard. Try this out, look up a joke you find really funny. Practice saying this to someone close to you. Did they laugh? No?

Watch how stand up comics do it. How do they build on the setup of the joke, and how they deliver the punchlines.

Try this again with someone else. If you make them laugh, congrats.

The idea behind the exercise is to make someone laugh, we need to understand why the joke we’re saying is so funny and that ensures that we’re entertained ourselves. Even before we tell the joke!

When we try to really get into the joke, we become excited at being able to share it with someone we know. If they enjoy it as well and have a big laugh on it, that good feeling will rub off on you even more, and you become happy as well.

So, try this out! Email me at with a random story you’ve come up with and I’ll share the best ones in an upcoming blog post.

Good luck and stay funny, Y’all.


Share your experiences and feedback with This’ll really be worthwhile knowing if you guys could take something out of this.

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