The Sum Of Life has officially reached 100 followers!

100 followers - the sum of life

I can’t thank enough all of you who gave it a chance and actually like it. It’s almost been 2 months since I started and to reach a milestone, no matter how small, is always humbling.

The Sum Of Life was never intended to be a personal blog right from the start. It was always a website that focuses more on tackling and addressing important topics that affect everyone.

That’s why my eventual goal is to branch out the people who visit the website from just WordPress bloggers to also people who don’t use or have access to WordPress.

Because of that I almost considered if it was necessary to post a WordPress milestone moment when that is not the sole focus of the website, but how else can we give all of you huge thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you all very very much. Hope all our futures will be as bright as we all wish it to be.



A small confession though. When I started The Sum Of Life, I intended to post articles every week. But due to personal constraints and the feeling that taking more time for each new post can help it be better, I shifted to a twice a month schedule starting this year. Maybe when things get better, the schedule might become more frequent.

If you guys have any idea for any new posts or articles that you want to see, hit me a comment, or contact me at I promise to take each comment seriously.

Check out earlier posts in the Archives if you’re interested.

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Wish you all a great week ahead!

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